ASUS AP1600R-E2(CS3) 1U server ( hggfm )

Taipei, Taiwan; December 21, 2004 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), a leading provider of high-performance server systems, today introduced the AP1600R-E2(CS3) 1U server, which supports a dual-Intel® Xeon™ architecture for high-performance processing, DDR 333 memory with maximum capacity of 16GB and three SCSI hard drives for large data storage. With a stylish black chassis design, the AP1600R-E2(CS3) looks good both inside and out. No need to hide servers in dark server farms anymore.

Ultimate in processing, scalability and system management

The dual-Xeon architecture with up to 16GB DDR333 RAM and 3 SCSI HDDs enabled by the onboard SCSI controller provide both powerful processing capability and large capacity for data storage. One 64-bit, full-length and full-height PCI-X slot ensures outstanding scalability, while dual-Ethernet connection supports Gigabit LAN as well as 10/100Mbps speeds for sufficient bandwidth during network communication. To provide easy system management, the AP1600R-E2(CS3) incorporated six front panel LEDS to clearly display system status and slim CD-ROM and FDD for quick driver installation.

Cost-effective data protection
The AP1600R-E2(CS3) offers an optional zero-channel RAID (ZCR) card, an ideal solution for 1U servers, which have a limited number of expansion slots. The ZCR card does not occupy an onboard PCI slot yet still supports RAID 0, 1, and 5 functions. As a RAID solution, the ZCR card is more affordable compared with conventional single- and dual-channel RAID cards.

Proven thermal solution with tool-less system fans
The AP1600R-E2(CS3) adopted a proven thermal solution, which supports eight system fans to cool down the high-performance dual-CPU platform. Packing 4 x 4056 fans (for the CPU) and 4 x 4028 fan (for add-on cards, power supply and rear panel), the all-new server provides excellent airflow for heat dissipation. Furthermore, the tool-less design enables fast fan installation and removal, significantly lowering time spent on system maintenance.

Rack it up without breaking a sweat
Mounting the AP1600R-E2(CS3) on the rack is an easy process thanks to innovative designs from ASUS. Simply positioned the server onto the four-piece rackmount kit (six pieces in conventional solutions) with two thumbscrews (no tools needed), and it’s ready to go. For system maintenance, MIS engineers can access the interior of the system by opening the top cover without removing the server from the rack.

Key Specifications:
-Intel dual-Xeon™ processors with L2 1M cache up to 3.6GHz
-DDR333 ECC registered system memory up to 16GB
-1 x full-height full-length 64-bit/133MHz/3.3V PCI-X slot
-Support 3 x hot swap SCSI HDDs
-Dual-channel Ultra 320 SCSI controller
-2 x Gbps LANs

The AP1600R-E2(CS3) is now available. For more information on the product and other ASUS innovations, please visit the company homeage at (hggfm)


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